Mona S. Elmwood Park, IL

Amazing group of people!! My autistic son looks forward to his speech therapy sessions with Katie He has been a client since Nov 2017. His doctor recommended supplemental ST outside of school so we chose Lakeview Speech & Language Clinic (randomly). During our last visit to his NeuroBehavioral Pediatrician on Nov 12, the doctor noticed a significant improvement in his communication skills! Thank you to the wonderful staff at LSLC for all that you do!

Dianne R. Oak Park, IL

When your child says she can't wait for tomorrow because she gets to go to speech, you know you're doing something right. My daughter has made tremendous progress with Sarah; who really knows how to make learning fun. We noticed a huge difference just after the first few weeks. Our shy little girl now can't stop talking - and we couldn't be happier!

Kristi K. Oak Park, IL

Erica is always right on time and has made many efforts to learn techniques to best engage my son with her activities. She always has new toys and games to keep him interested. She keeps me updated on his progress and gives great tips for things to practice at home. She also has coordinated with school and other therapies. She's great!

Nichole F. Oak Park, IL

My daughter has been working with Erica over the past two years and has thrived under Erica's guidance. In the beginning, it was heart wrenching to see my daughter struggle to express herself, but now her speech has become near perfect. And she feels such a sense of accomplishment. The best moment was seeing my daughter give Erica the warmest hug goodbye as her sessions came to a close. To me, this means she not only received quality therapy but also found someone who enriched her life in such a positive way. I highly recommend Lakeview Speech as much as someone possibly can.

Therese M. River Forest, IL

We have been working with Lakeview Speech and Language Clinic for the past school year (2017-2018). Our ST Erica has been wonderful to work with. She motivates and encourages our son to do his best, even when it can be challenging sometimes. We have seen so much improvement with his pronunciation and communication skills. We are very pleased on how far he has come along. This group is organized and keeps us informed about our son's progress. They help him to achieve those goals set. I highly recommend this group.

Anna K. Chicago, IL

We are so grateful for Lakeview Speech and Therapy. We are new to the speech therapy world, but Tracy has walked us through each and every step. Our son has been working with Erica for a few months now and has made tremendous strides in just this short time. Erica is fantastic and every session is clearly planned to address his unique needs. She also leaves us with strategies to use until we meet again and has given him the tools to communicate more effectively as his speech develops. We cannot recommend this team highly enough!

Jeanine R. Forest Park, IL

I am beyond pleased with the service from the staff at Lakeview. My son was diagnosed with speech apraxia several years ago and its important for him to receive extensive therapy from an SLP knowledgeable of the diagnosis and treatment. The staff is not only knowledgeable but has provided my son with the skills he needs to allpw his speech to flourish. The personal touch they provide for their clients is everything a parent wants for their child. You cant go wrong with Lakeview Speech.

Claudia M. Elmwood Park, IL

I am glad we stumbled upon Lakeview Speech while browsing the web. Tracy has been very professional and supportive and has gone out of her way whenever I have questions or worries concerning my child. I feel she truly cares that my son succeeds. Both Tracy and Erica who we also see are fun and are always trying to change things up for my son who requires a lot of motivation to stay engaged. I truly recommend them both and it's a plus that they come to our house instead of having to travel to a clinic.

Sonya S. Oak Park, IL

I reached out to Lakeview Speech for an evaluation for my child. Initially I emailed Tracy about setting up the evaluation. We then set up a time to speak on the phone to discuss the situation in further detail. She was very helpful and told me that another therapist, Erica, would be getting in touch shortly to schedule the evaluation. We set up the appointment shortly thereafter.

Erica arrived at our home right on time and was wonderful, patient, responsive, and knows her stuff! I was very impressed. We also decided to do an evaluation at my child's school which was easily scheduled. My child's teachers noted how great Erica was- they were also impressed.

I was very happy with the knowledge and services of this group!

Sarah M. Oak Park, IL

We have been very happy with Lakeview Speech and Language Clinic. My son sees Erica and they have a wonderful rapport. He enjoys their sessions and is gaining much needed language skills. Erica is professional, creative, fun and kind, we're so pleased to have found this resource!

Tina L. Oak Park, IL

I am so grateful to be working with Lakeview Speech and Language Clinic. Tracy was very responsive to all of my questions when I first sought her out, and helped answer all of my crazy questions. Our speech therapist, Erica, is so great with our 5-year old son. It has probably been about half a year now, and we have seen so much progress in his language development. Our son looks forward to his speech sessions and has fun while learning. I love receiving the detailed summary after each session, as well as helpful / relevant assignments that we can print out and work with at home. Erica is engaging, patient, friendly and professional. The activities continue to evolve as our son's language develops, and it's clear that the plan is individualized and personalized to his specific needs. As you know, there is no "one-size-fits-all" plan for these kind of things. We could not be any happier with Lakeview Speech and Language Clinic. If you are looking for a speech therapist for your child, just call up Tracy. She is the best!

Terry L. Chicago, IL

Lakeview Speech and Language is excellent. I could not be happier with Tracy and Erica. After every session they send detailed notes and an assignment to work on. They also come to the school which is worth its weight in gold.

Desma M. Oak Park, IL

Tracy Trumbell has been working with my 8 year old son since September. While providing speech services, she was able to build a relationship with him. As a result, he looks forward to her coming to provide her services and he enjoys each session. Tracy is always attentive and encouraging. My son always seems to have fun while he works. He has made so much progress with her. We are happy with the services she provides and are glad that were able to find her.

Sean S. Oak Park, IL

Tracy Trumbell is a wonderful speech therapist. We have been working with her since we noticed a speech delay in our daughter when she was 19 months old. Since then Tracy has been a wonderful resource for us as our daughter faces other challenges. She always provides a summary of our session and homework to work on throughout the week. It is really nice that she comes to our house, and that she is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. We are very fortunate to have found her and will continue to work with her!

John P. Chicago, IL

Tracy has been working with our son since February, and she is great. When we first called Tracy to discuss our son's speech delay, she was very thoughtful in answering all of our questions. We've seen so much improvement since he started working with Tracy, and he has much more confidence using his words, which has helped in other areas, including separating and interacting with others. She always follows up after each session with session notes and recommendations for things we should work on during the week. Tracy is a caring professional, who clearly loves working with her students, and we would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a speech therapist for their child.

Bertha C. Elmwood Park, IL

Tracy Trumbell is the best!!!!! Tracy has been working with my 4yr old son for a few months now and I already see a great improvement in my son's speech and I can't be more grateful to her. She makes it fun for him to learn and that's always a PLUS!!! My son always looks forward to his session with Tracy and always says, "I like Tracy, she's my Tracy"!!! Mom's and Dads look no further, Tracy is the best speech therapist out there you won't be disappointed!!!

Katie V. Oak Park, IL

Tracy has been working with our six year old for a few months and we have been extremely impressed with her. After receiving therapy through our local school district for two years, we were not seeing the progress that we had hoped for. She made the transition into private care so easy, we were upset that we hadn't started with her sooner. Our son looks forward to every session that they have together and we are already seeing changes in his language. We could not be more pleased!

​​Kelly S. Lisle, IL

Tracy is the most amazing speech therapist- and our family has been around the block with therapists. We have seen therapists in the hospital setting, and through private practice, and I can say unequivocally that Lakeview Speech is the best in the business. Tracy is extremely knowledgeable about speech therapy, speech disorders, articulation disorders, and everything in between. She is great with children - nurturing and compassionate, while also motivating and encouraging. She is amazing - gained my daughter's trust in the first session, and my 3 year old looks forward to every session. Tracy gets results too -- sometimes with speech therapy, it's hard to see the forest through the trees, and Tracy keeps the progress moving at a steady rate without overwhelming my daughter. She brings excellent activities to work on, keeps us 100% informed of what to do, homework for us to complete with my daughter, and is totally open to questions and concerns. I always feel that she genuinely cares for my daughter and is as excited about my daughter's progress as we are. I felt so relieved when we began working with Tracy - we went from severe articulation and speech delays/problems -- and now are lightyears from where we began, only one year later. Working with Tracy is wonderful. She is genuine, talented, and caring - you will not find a better therapist out there! I will be grateful to her forever for helping my sweet three year old find her voice and unlock the ability to speak. It is a gift - and all because of her talents! Wish I could rate higher than five stars....​

Jenny M. Naperville, IL

I don't write many reviews, but I had to write about Tracy Trumbell. We just loved her. My son had just been released from EI in April, and we really felt that he needed to continue speech services over the summer before entering the school district's phonological program. I couldn't have found a better speech therapist for my son! What was meant to just be a bridge of sorts turned into us staying with her until he "graduated" from speech services. You can tell Tracy loves what she does and she does it well. She is resourceful, has great learning activities, and provides "homework" for you to work on in between sessions. My son really looked forward to seeing her and had no idea it was for speech. Her enthusiasm is genuine and I really felt that that played a big part in his progress.

Fast forward a couple of years and I'm currently trying to figure out a way so that my middle son can see her too. (Our insurance changed.)

Justin M. Chicago, IL

We have been working with Tracy Trumbell for the last month for our 2 year old boy with language delay. From the beginning, we noticed many strengths Tracy exhibited in her role as a speech and language pathologist. She is extremely organized and has tremendous skill in what she does. Tracy notified us about the billing and evaluation process ahead of time so we knew what to expect in terms of insurance paperwork and billing. She assessed our son with standardized outcome measures and submitted a formal report to us and our son's pediatrician specifying long and short term goals. We have since had several treatment sessions with Tracy and she consistently follows up with detailed progress notes and activities we can do with our son to facilitate his language development. Tracy provides this information to us the day of our son's treatment sessions and provides visual instructions as needed to further explain short and long term goals she has established. We are so glad we have chosen Tracy as our speech and language pathologist , as the improvements we have seen in a month have been so rewarding to see for our son. He is more animated, produces more verbal speech and sign language , and also engages in more pretend play (all appropriate for his age). We highly recommend Tracy's services!​

Jenny K. Oak Park, IL

Tracy was great, and I would highly recommend her practice. I contacted her after I was concerned about a possible language delay in my two year old son. He had been experiencing chronic ear infections, and seemed (to me) to be a little delayed compared to some of his peers. My doctor suggested that I call ei, which turned out to not be so helpful FOR ME, so I did a little research on my own. That's how I found Tracy. She came to our house at a time that was convenient for us, and was so kind with my son. After her assessment, it turns out that he is within normal limits for his age, so we will not need to continue with therapy. However, my rating is for her flexibility, kindness, professionalism, and honest expert opinion! She really put my mind at ease. Also, she is very responsive, which is meaningful to me as well. If you are looking for a speech and language therapist for your child, and are as confused by all the options as I was, I recommend giving Tracy a call to see how she can help you.​